Monday, November 10, 2008

Chandhrayaan-1 A grand success

It's a proud moment for the Indians and the scientific community after the Chandrayan 1 was successfully launched on October 22. India's first scientific mission to the moon that is unmanned, the Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft, took off from Sriharikota towards the moon.

ISRO technologists gathered at the Spacecraft Control Centre (SCC), the nerve-centre of Chandrayaan-1’s operations now, said “it was a feast to the eyes” to see Chandrayaan-1 go into a perfect lunar orbit of 7502 km by 504 km and that they could see on the plot-boards the deceleration of the spacecraft before it entered the lunar orbit.

India has one of the largest communication systems in the world with a satellite programme of 21 orbiters of which 11 are currently in service. Although Russia has helped in the space programmmes by providing manufacturing and design technology, the credit for the success of Chandrayaan-1 solely belongs to the scientists of India at the Indian Space Research Organization.

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